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Day Trips

Casino Craver

Feeling lucky and ready to place some bets? Our popular casino trips will allow you to test your luck and put your trust in the money!

Show Seeker

The stage is set, the lights dim, and the audience quiets, and the curtain opens on the next show-stopping performance that will captivate your attention. Whether you love live entertainment shows or theatrical performances, all that matters is getting your ticket for an unforgettable experience.

Festival Fan

There is something about the buzzing energy of festivals that brings you endless entertainment. From themed festivals to arts and crafts, be ready to experience an atmosphere of creativity and authenticity, through tent vendors, food and drinks, as well as special performances and events.

Train Tours

Chug along with Wolf's Bus Lines to have an unforgettable train ride experience! These train rides will take you around many different areas, that will showcase beautiful and scenic land. "Choo" with us through Canada, West Virginia, or the Hudson Valley in New York! These train tours will make you feel like you jumped into a beautiful photograph.


Jingle in the holiday spirit with Wolf's Bus Lines! These bus tours will definitely make Santa jealous with the jolly in the air. Some of your favorites might be holiday shows, wonderfully decorated mansions, holiday shopping tours, and much more!


Sun above, sand below, and peace within… a day at the beach sounds like a win! We are glad to offer you trips to many popular beaches. What is better than to dip your toes in the sand with some boardwalk fries, on a trip with Wolf's Bus Lines?!


If you live to discover cuisine that leaves a lasting impression on every taste bud, then a Wolf's Bus Lines flavor tour is for you. Come join us in prime events that celebrate the flavors of classic food and beverages, all the way to trendy kitchen creations!


If you are ready for a day away, your way, then here is just where you belong! We give you the transportation, you make your story. You are free to create your own itinerary, covering all the things you want to do, making your own ultimate trip. All you need is a reliable method of transportation, and then it is free range from there!

History Buff

There is no better day spent than taking a step into the past, so you can remember and relive some of the most historical events and figures of all time. From vintage places to museums and parks, your inner curiosity will beckon for a trip going back in time.

Nature Lovers

If you could be anywhere right now, would the outdoors ring your bell? From colorful botanical gardens, to the untouched beauty of natural state parks, you are ready for your next adventure throughout mother nature with Wolf's Bus Lines.

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