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Overnight Trips

2 Days

If a two-day tour is what you are searching for, look no further because we got Cape May, New Jersey, Richmond, Virginia, New York City and more. We combine great meals, entertaining and educational tours along with interesting destinations in just enough time to help you escape the daily grind.

3 Days

If you have the time to relax and unwind, hop aboard for a three-day Wolf's Bus Lines Tour. Enjoy beautiful sightseeing, train rides, historic homes, and/or wine tastings. Believe it, we got it all, and so much more! Whether it is here in Pennsylvania, out in New York, Delaware, Virginia or Maryland's Eastern Shore, there are endless options of beautiful and interesting destinations to visit and explore.

4 Days

If four days away is what you are looking for, we have the experiences for you. Are you interested in adventure, sightseeing, entertainment, good food and more? You are at the right spot! Travel with Wolf's Bus Lines to the mountains of West Virginia, Maryland's Eastern Shore, the outskirts of New York, and the hills of Tennessee. Why sit at home when there is so much to do and see?

5+ Days

If you have a week's vacation in mind and no idea what to do, why worry yourself with making all the plans? Wolf's Bus Lines has already done it all for you, with our tours of 5 days and more! Travel north, to New England's rugged coastline and mountainous, or journey southbound to the Carolina's beaches, head to the magnificent New Orleans, or historic Savannah. These are just to name a few! Do not forget Branson and Mackinac Island, all when we travel west!

New Multi- Day Tours for 2024

New Tours for 2024 for Overnight Trips

Casino Craver

Draw your luck in the gambling world with a fun, challenging, edge of your seat casino experience!

Show Seeker

Whether you love live enterainment shows or theaterical performances, all that matters is getting your ticket for an unforgettable experience.

Festival Fan

If you like special events, arts & crafts, or any kind of special performance, then here is where you belong! Dedicate your day to a festival full of memories and fun!

Flavor Finder

Looking for a getaway that helps you discover the flavors that leave a lasting impressing on every taste bud? Join us on one of our Flavor Finder overnight tours.

Do It Yourselfer

Take the day and make it yours. Wolf's Bus Lines will be glad to give you the transportation, and we want you to make the best of your day, turning it into whatever you wish for it to be!

History Buff

What better than hopping on a coach and taking a ride back in time? From vintage places to historic grounds, come soak in the stories of our world.

Nature Lover

Feel alive in the great outdoors with the opportunity to explore beauty all over. Whether you are exploring gardens, state parks, water and so much more, you will feel connected to the magical inner depths of nature itself.

Beach Bum

When all you want and need is the sun, sand, and waves, then bumming at the beach sounds like the splashiest hit for you!

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