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Overnight Trips

2 Days

Looking for a short getaway let us help. Click here to see a listing of 2 day Multi-Day Tours

3 Days

Travel with the Pack on a mini getaway. Click to see a listing of our 3 day Multi-Day Tours

4 Days

Click to see a listing of our 4 day Multi-Day Tours.

5+ Days

Capture a lifetime of memories with the pack....Click here to see a listings of our 5+ day Multi-Day Tours.

New Mult- Day Tours for 2017

New Tours for 2017 for Overnight Trips

Casino Craver

This year you can find the gambling experience you've been looking for to fullfill your inner high roller.

Show Seeker

Whether you love live enterainment shows or theaterical performances, all that matters is getting your ticket for an unforgettable experience.

Festival Fan

If you're a Festival Fan you like Special Events, Arts & Crafts Festivals and Special Performances.

Flavor Finder

Looking for a getaway that helps you discover the flavors that leave a lasting impressing on every taste bud? Join us on one of our Flavor Finder overnight tours.

Do It Yourselfer

These trips leave you free to creat your own itinerary, covering all the things you want to do. Wolf's will get you there you decide what you will do.

History Buff

From vintage mansions, eye-opening musuem and memorials, to historic battle grounds, your innder curiosity beckons for a trip back in time.

Nature Lover

From colorful botanical gardens, to the untouched beauty of natural state parks, you are ready for your next adventure among mother nature.

Beach Bum

If days spent walking along the beach, soaking up the sun, or splashing through waves sounds appealing to your, then come bum with us on the beach.

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