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Whether you’re into nature or prefer to “roll the dice” when it comes to your get away, we’ve made it easy for you to find the trips that best suit your personality and interests. Browse the following pages and see what appeals to your inner traveler.


Beach Bum – There is nothing like the sound of crashing waves, and the smell of salty air. If days spent walking along the beach, soaking up the sun, or splashing through waves sounds appealing to you, then come bum with us on the beach. 

Destination Include: Beach Trips


Casino Craver – Feeling lucky and ready to place some bets?

Destinations Include: Casino Trips


Do-It-YOURSELFer – As an Independent traveler, you are ready for a day away, your way. Free to create your own itinerary, covering all the things you want to do is your ultimate trip. All you need is a reliable method of transportation and then it’s do-it-yourself- from there.

Destinations Include: Beach Days – City Days


Flavor Finder – You live to discover flavors that leave a lasting impression on every taste bud. Your ideal travel list is full of events that celebrate the flavors of classic foods and wines.

Destinations Include: Food Tastings – Wine Tastings – Events – Tours


History Buff – There is not better day spent than taking a step into the past to remember and relive some of the most historical events and figures of all time.  From vintage mansions, eye-opening museums and memorials, to historical battle grounds, your inner curiosity beckons for a trip back in time.

Destinations Include: Museums – Memorials – Historic Home & Building Tours – Historic Sites


Festival Fan – There’s something about the buzzing energy of festivals that sparks an interest. From themed festivals to music bashes, you want to experience an atmosphere of creativity and authenticity through art & craft vendors, food and drinks, as well as special performances or events.

Destinations Include: Special Events – Arts & Crafts – Special Performances


Nature Lover – If you could be anywhere right now, the outdoors would be calling your name.

Destinations Include: National Parks – Gardens – Aquariums – Trains - Cruises


Show Seeker – The stage is set, the lights dim, the audience quiets, and the curtain opens on the next show-stopping performance that will captivate your attention. Whether you love live entertainment shows or theatrical performances, all that matters is getting your tickets for an unforgettable experience.

Destinations Include: Live Performances – Air Shows – Races - Comedy


We hope you enjoy browsing through our website and hope we will see you on one of our bus tours or day excursions in the near future.



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