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Travel Tips


  1. Dress comfortably and comfortable shoes are first and foremost on the list. If there is a dress code for an activity/event/meal, we will let you know ahead of time.

  2. Plan your wardrobe in layers. So often temperature is hard to predict and thus packing is even more difficult. If you dress in layers you can put on or take off as needed - this includes on the coach where temperature is just as hard to control.

  3. A folding carry-on bag is ideal for storing purchases and makes it easy for you when the trip comes to an end to find all your goodies and to make certain they go home with you!

  4. Don't expect everything to be the same on tour as it is at home. After all, the point of traveling is to experience new and interesting things.

  5. Just in case your suitcase would be lost or misplaced, do not pack your medication and/or valuables in your suitcase; use your carry-on bag. This way, your medication is available to you at all times.

  6. Never pass up the opportunity to use the rest room during rest never know when you will see another rest room that is not moving.

  7. Be patient while traveling; enjoy the journey, not just the destination.

  8. Never, ever, ever go on a tour that is not on board a Wolf's Motorcoach. This guarantees you will be riding in style, with clean and comfortable coaches and a professional and friendly driver.

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